Cooking can become extremely stressful. The chaos, the mess, the timings… everything just gets so confusing! But it does not always have to be like this. I am going to share with you some of my personal tips for making your cooking less stressful!

Planning is extremely handy especially with cooking. Check out all of your timings. Working out when different items should begin cooking and making a list of these times will really help. Also planning what meals you wish to cook that week will help you feel less stressed. 

Use a basic kitchen timer. Whether this be on your phone, cooker or a little egg timer. Using these can help you to set alarms for when your other items need to begin cooking. I find this extremely handing when cooking a roast dinner.

Take time to prepare before hand for your cooking session. By this I mean weighing out all of your ingredients so they are ready to use when you are ready to cook.