Summertime is fast approaching, it is likely that you now have bookings for summer parties! But after so long catering for cooler winter parties, what can we use to make the best summer party catering platter?

Summer months are the warmest months of the year, so it is without a doubt that when catering for a summer party we need to highly consider foods that will be cooling. One of the best options for food when catering a summer party is fruit and lots of it! Fruit is a great option, not only is it healthy, but it is great at cooling us all down on those hot summer days.

Another food option for our summertime parties is of course salad. While some people love it and some people hate it, salad is a good option for a summer party again due to its cooling features. If you are able to create a salad that looks more appetizing, for example making them into little animals, a salad will be an all-around winner.

Now, when you are thinking about catering for a summer party, you also need to consider the drinks that will be provided. Of course, a must is to have lots of ice on hand. Ice is perfect for making any drink cold and refreshing. You may also want to consider serving up mocktails. These are a great summertime drink, that will not get the party guests drunk and out of control.

Finally, dessert. Of course, the go-to dessert for a summertime party is ice cream! This is again excellent with regards to the cooling factor. You can also consider bringing along some themed ice lollies for anyone who may not be able to eat ice cream. Remember it is important to cater for all at any event.