Hand Whisks are one piece of kitchen equipment that are commonly used in homes across the world. With near enough every home in the United Kingdom containing at least one kind of whisk, if not multiple. Two of the most common choices for hand whisks are manual and electric, but which one should you choose for your home?

Price Point
If the price point is something that you are considering, then a manual hand whisk may be best for you. These are more budget-friendly, at a much lower price point. Electric whisks come with a higher price point, but it is possible to find simple hand whisks at lower price points.

Ease of Use
If you are purchasing a hand whisk for ease of use, you may want to highly consider an electric hand whisk. This is the option that requires less effort on your part. All you need to learn is the different speeds and which will work best for you. Saying this, a manual hand whisk is much simpler to use but will require more effort.

Time SavingĀ 
If you are after a hand whisk that will save you time, you will want to choose an electric hand whisk. Due to the speeds that this type of hand whisk can go, you will find that you are saving a lot of time using this whisk. Your items will be whisked and blended together at a faster speed.

Keeping Traditional
If you are someone who wants to keep things traditional, the best option for you will be to use a manual hand whisk. This is a step up from using a fork or spoon, making it easier for you to whisk any mixture. But it will not be taking away the feeling of mixing it yourself, gaining a good arm workout.