An omelette, a staple meal in many homes across the United Kingdom. As much as it is a staple meal in many home, that we all find easy to make some people do still struggle. Making a truly perfect omelette can be such a challenge so today we are going to share with you our top chef tips to creating the perfect omelette.

How Many Eggs?
This entirely depends on you and how many eggs you deem necessary. If it is for one person with a mild appetite we recommend 2 eggs, but you can go up to 4 eggs if they are extremely hungry.

Beating Your Eggs
The following step is beating your eggs. This is where most people tend to go wrong. Over beating your eggs makes for an omelette that is more like scrambled egg that is not what any body wants. You need to beat your eggs for a short amount of time, stopping right before the yolk and egg which become completely mixed together.

Whats The Right Filling?
A lot of people enjoy adding fillings to their omelette. If you are one of these people please take this into consideration when choosing the amount of eggs as the fillings will make this just as filling so you will not need as many eggs. When choosing the right filling it is all down to personal preference. We personally like to add cheese and ham into our omelettes. But some people also like to add pepper, mushrooms and other meats into theirs.

Please do not forget to season your omelette. There are so many people who make an omeltte with only egg and a filling. Please add salt, pepper and milk to your omelette. This will give it an amazing texture as well as the flavour you desire.