Home cooks across the United Kingdom want to have the best cookware to make the most amazing meals possible. They are likely to look for something that is hardwearing, longlasting, non-stick, yet also looks good. So what materials are going to bring you all of these benefits?

Stainless Steel
A popular material that is known for being non-stick and hardwearing is stainless steel. These come at a range of different price points, with there being budget options and more high-end choices. There will be something for everyone no matter their budget.

Cast Iron
Another popular choice that brings the benefit of non-stick and long-lasting is Cast Iron. This material is more expensive due to it being more high-end with added benefits. These will not need to be replaced for many years, giving you excellent value for your money.

These are two of the most popular materials to choose between when shopping for home cookware.